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Yara’s Tawari Tree: Coloring Book

Are you looking for a fun way to keep your child focused and entertained this summer? This high-quality coloring book is sure to engage your little ones for hours! Give your child a memorable, hands-on, experience with this charming rainforest adventure coloring book. Grab your copy now and foster the love of nature at an early age!


I highly recommend the beautiful coloring book about Yara’s Tawari Tree(Yara’s Rainforest). Children will love coloring the pictures that tell the story of Yara and her special Rainforest tree. The coloring book is the perfect addition to the book, Yara’s Rainforest, which is a lovely story with an important message for young readers.” Children’s author, Deanie Humphrys-Dunne (five-star review)

“Children will love coloring the beautiful illustrations Joanna Pasek has created for Yara’s Tawari Tree. It’s a lovely companion to the book. These pictures are beautiful and lush and its a treat for the children to add their own spin on them. Highly recommended.”   Amazon Customer (five-star review)