Snowman Paul Saves Kate’s Birthday

Dan “accidentally” eats his sister’s birthday cake! Fortunately, Snowman Paul is there to help him find a creative way to make Kate’s birthday special after all. 

This book teaches children the values of taking responsibility for our wrong doings, setting things right and learning from our mistakes.


“There is something truly magical here, and both my 5-year-old and my 2-year old found it.” 
Alinka Rutkowska, Award-winning author

“I love this book! … Every line…is carefully crafted…Every syllable does its work” Verified Amazon customer (five-star review)

“Simple, straightforward, and absolutely delightful … a short story paired with whimsical pictures that young children will return to again and again.” Verified Amazon customer (five-star review)


Mom’s Choice Gold Award

Moonbeam (Best Picture Book Series Award)