Yara Visits Patagonia Public Library

Patagonia, Az. is a beautiful place nestled in the mountains and blessed with a caring community and an amazing public library. We couldn’t have chosen a better place to launch our new “Yara’s Rainforest” series!

We had a wonderful time there and here is the thank you letter we received from Shannon, the gifted librarian, who organized this successful event.

Thank you Shannon and thank you Patagonia!

Hey Yosef,

First off, I’d like to thank you and Susan once more for being so awesome and taking such time out of your lives to come and enrich those in ourlittle town. You guys are gems and I truly appreciate you both. I was thanked for having you guys here by every adult present and some of the children as well, and that’s the kind of stuff that counts. I’ve gone ahead and attached the photos I took from the reading to this email, and I’ll also be posting these on our own pages either today or tomorrow, depending on how busy we get. Thanks again for everything, and as always you guys are both more than welcome here anytime!