Halloween with Snowman Paul

In this beautifully illustrated picture book, Dan and Snowman Paul have a Halloween tree-house party, wearing costumes, telling stories, singing songs and getting themselves deliciously spooked. Aliens, witches, dragons and ghosts abound, and dire warning signs are everywhere. But will they stop eager visitors from advancing?
Offering a fine-tuned blend of mild suspense and reassuring humor this holiday-themed picture book will transport your children into a dream-world where they can safely experience Halloween their own way.


“Entertaining, well-structured, and beautifully illustrated–a winner.”Kirkus Reviews

“This beautifully illustrated book offers a timeless message on sharing joy with friends” Foreword Clarion Review (five-star review)

“Halloween with Snowman Paul by Yossi Lapid is an exciting picture book for young readers, a book that is wonderfully illustrated and that features great characters that children will love to follow.” San Francisco Book Review (five-star review)