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Box Set for Children: The Snowman Paul Series (vol. 1-4)

This box set includes the first four volumes of the award-winning Snowman Paul children’s picture book series. 

* My Snowman, Paul
* Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympics
* Snowman Paul Saves Kate’s Birthday
* Snowman Paul at the Concert Hall

Fast paced and stunningly illustrated by Joanna Pasek, the Snowman Paul book series carries important messages for kids – don’t cheat, apologize when you do wrong, make up for your mistakes, don’t allow bullies to intimidate you, love nature, be respectful of others and, above all, be yourself, pursue your dreams and don’t be easily discouraged.


“If you had to pick one series to read to your kids, this series has to be it! It has beautiful artwork that is soft yet sweet, and it has important themes all children need to learn. These books can be talking points in a classroom, or simply at bedtime! And why not learn with a super cute Snowman?” – Briar’s Reviews

“My two toddlers love these Snowman Stories. Some nights I have to reread the box set 3 times, it is a good thing that I also enjoy the stories.” Verified Amazon Customer (five-star review)

 “This is a wonderful, clever, entertaining, instructive, and humorous collection of four Snowman Paul stories. Yossi Lapid struck a goldmine with these books” – Israel Drazin, Top 500 Amazon Reviewer


Moonbeam Best Picture Book Award

Mom’s Choice Gold Award