Ilana Directing Yochi in Belize

The Inspiration Behind my Yara’s Rainforest Series

“What inspires you to write?” is the most frequently asked question for authors in all literary genres. Typically, the inspiration comes from many different sources. In my case, most of my children’s stories originate from my own personal life.

My newly launched series titled Yara’s Rainforest is a perfect example. Book 1 in this series, titled Yara’s Tawari Tree was inspired by a challenging recent experience in my immediate family. My daughter Ilana is a film maker and she made a short film called Yochi dealing with the poaching of the Yellowhead parrots in Belize. She was about to leave for additional research in the Belize jungle for a new full-feature film, when she was diagnosed with an acute form of Leukemia. She is cancer free now, but her story was the inspiration for my Yara series.